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Friday, March 23, 2018

RatePlug - Automated Marketing Program - allows my buyers to view real-time mortgage products

RatePlug - Automated Marketing Program - allows my buyers to view real-time mortgage products, payments & other mortgage details specific to each property they view through Website. The information is provided by the lenders you currently work with & trust. Your client interacts with the information to zero in on the mortgage program that fits their unique financing needs.
RatePlug also lets your lender prepare detailed, co-branded marketing flyers in seconds that contain property details, property pictures, your photo, company logo, as well as mortgage details for your open house events.
Available to my clients users for no additional cost. 
  • The Broker or Agent select lender(s) they want displayed (up to 3)
  • Brokers can promote in-house lending companies
  • Provides your clients with valuable mortgage product and payment information while they are viewing listing (keeps them engaged on your listing instead of searching elsewhere for rates and other info)
  • Your clients can customize the display to fit their personal financing needs
  • Strengthens your referral relationship with your trusted lending partners
  • Your lender can create detailed, co-branded marketing flyers for your open house events or other marketing needs in a matter of seconds​

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