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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

do you know Fannie Mae Green Initiative- Loan Program allows you save money when you buy 5 unit multifamily property

Green Rewards is ideal for property owners investing in energy- and water-cost reducing property improvements at their existing multifamily property. A Green Rewards loan offers:
  • Free ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit, subject to loan closing under Green Rewards
  • Better pricing than non-green loans
  • Underwriting of 75% of owner’s projected cost savings
  • Underwriting 25% of tenant’s projected cost
  • Up to 5% additional loan proceeds
  • Disclosure of the loan as a "Green MBS" to the bond market

 Lower interest rate  Free Energy and Water Audit Report  Up to 5% more loan proceeds  Increased Net Cash Flow by underwriting projected energy and water cost savings  No minimum investment per unit  Attract more investors with the market’s only Green MBS

 Eligible improvements include new ENERGY STAR® appliances, energyefficient HVACs, low-flow toilets, solar-energy systems, and more. Eligibility  Conventional and Affordable Housing  Multifamily, Seniors, Student, Military, and Cooperative  Borrower must commit to installing capital improvements that target a 25% or more reduction to the whole property’s annual energy or water use  Improvements must be installed within 12 months of loan origination  Properties may be located anywhere in the U.S.  Only Green Rewards loans that are projecting greater than 5% additional loan proceeds are Pre-Review. 
Fannie Mae Multifamily
is giving you the green
to go green Call your Fannie Mae lender today or go to

Click the following link to view the Listings:

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