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Saturday, May 12, 2018

How to sell a home with a tenant in it

What home owner can do to make Renter corporate

  1. The owners need to explain what they are doing and why, and they need to set up a protocol for how and when the home will be shown.”
  2. Tenants should be told the keys won’t be just handed out to anyone who wants to see the place, and that an agent or the owner will accompany prospective buyers.
  3. Realtors suggest providing an incentive to tenants to get them to cooperate.
  4. “Money always talks,” “You can offer to give the tenants 50 percent off their rent for a month if they’ll keep the place clean and let in prospective buyers and their agents.”
  5. Offering something such as a gift certificate for dinner for two during each month the home is on the market.
  6. Reassurances about the safety of the tenants and their belongings should be given along with an incentive such as a rent rebate at settlement.
  7. Offering a free hotel room for the renters on the weekend of an open house or some other perk that might make life easier for them.
  8. Offering to pay the difference in rent for a couple of months or finding them a rental agent and providing recommendations can also encourage cooperation.

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