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What I do when you sell property via me.

Please note Once you send me address, I will send you link from 
This is auto generated report that most people use.

Further will check Zillow price and will try to get it updated, as low price on Zillow, will make almost impossible to sell.
Once listed, I can get this price updated to asking price at Zillow.
Also Once Listed, I will list it for your asking price + 4% more so you pocket what you asking ,as mls help to list property to 180 websites.
Please see list of websites where system post listing.
and marketing video as shown at

Please I will generate report from RPR website and send.

Also please note when you list with Realtor, then it sells fast..
Reason, simple, each side of Realtor has bone in game so they do there part of making deal go through as they make money in transaction, so three teams including broker working to make it happen.Me and my broker will take total 1.5%. We give 2.5 % for people bringing buyers so total cost to you is 4%.

Think and let me know.. I highly suggest to get property appraised from certified appraiser as even if we sell it for advised price, there are chances that property might appraise more or better or close so making deal sweet and easy to close..


You can't forget type of customers looking at your area as well.
There might be VA /FHA loans and especially when rate of interest going up, Every one point increase in rate of interest will decrease purchasing power by 12%.

Please see report and if you need my services, then I am available and can do it best and sell in next 2-4 months.

Anil Aggarwal

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