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Real Estate Buy Sell with Realtor Anil Aggarwal
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Bought a home and seen Centipede?

You Should Never Squash A Centipede Despite their rather gruesome and unnerving appearance, they are largely harmless to human beings and serve a helpful purpose within the life cycle of other creatures and in the prevention of the spread of disease and illness. A lot of the time it can be their size that it […]


What is a Co-Op Apartment?

How It Works  A co-op apartment building is owned by a not-for-profit corporation. People can buy shares of the corporation, which entitles them the right to live in a specific unit of the building and a vote in matters concerning the cooperative as a whole. Generally speaking, the larger the apartment, the more votes the […]


How to Avoid Remorse- common feeling after you make an offer

AS buyer, you loved your future home when you signed the contract to purchase it, but now you’re not sure if you made the right decision. What if you acted too quickly and a better house comes on the market next week? What if you paid too much? What if something happens to your finances […]


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Anil was a great agent to work with. He was willing to work around my schedule and was responsive and available. He was willing to travel to different areas of NJ as my interest were throughout central ...


I deal with lots of realtors I am so impressed dealing with Mr Anil Sharma from day one till my house closing until my funds transferred to my account he was working like a family person very very easy ...


Anil is very responsive , motivated and engaged. He always tries to gets
the best deal. He’s knowledgeable about the market and works fast. He suggested properties which I wasn’t originally thinking ...

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